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Womack Machine Supply Co.
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Quality, high-performance, long-lasting cylinders
designed and built with you in mind.

Big enough for your job, small enough to care.


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Sheffer has been making cylinders - and only cylinders - since 1952. And since that time, the Sheffer name has become synonymous with products of the highest quality, backed by strong engineering support and respected worldwide for lasting performance and our Gold Program guarantees.

Sheffer understands hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders and, more importantly, the people and industries that use them. With a goal of 100% customer satisfaction, Sheffer's out in the field and on the factory floors, constantly researching and developing ways to make the industry's best cylinder for the end-user - the best cylinder for you.

Sheffer's New Captivated Cushion Design
As a part of Sheffer's commitment to the continuous improvement of their products, we would like to introduce to you Sheffer's new captivated cushion design. Learn how the cushion captivator can reduce downtime, minimize waste and maximize profits for you and your company.

Simply put, the design is:

  • Less prone to leakage than other designs
  • Allows for better control of surface finish
  • Prevents o-ring damage
  • And is easier to adjust

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