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Mitsubishi Electric Automation Debuts Industrial PC
WinCPU integrates with iQ platform

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. has announced the availability of its new WinCPU, an industrial PC that seamlessly integrates with the company's popular PAC system, the iQ Platform.


This fully functional PC mounts directly to the back plane of the iQ-Series controller and is ideal for machine builders who require synergy among high-level computing, multi-level processing and non-traditional control. The WinCPU features a 1.66GHz Atom processor and solid state memory (SSD). This assures high functionality, interoperability and ease of use for almost any factory or process control applications.

This WinCPU allows end-users in the automotive, packaging, material handling, machine tool, and cell manufacturing industries to achieve:

  • Tighter integration between control and computing technologies
  • Simplified designs and smaller footprints
  • Reduced system and engineering costs
  • Lower TCO and maintenance requirements
  • Increased flexibility

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