ECO Series Shock Absorbers

New Product Introduction


ITT Enidine is revolutionizing the industrial shock absorber market with the release of the industries first environmentally friendly design.

The Eco Series was designed with bio-degradable fluids and RoHS compliant materials and finishes. Models have the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of operating conditions with varying masses or propelling forces and cover a variety of application parameters. Whether your application has a low velocity/high drive force or high velocity/low drive force condition, the New ECO Series will deliver performance that you expect.

Enidine ECO_Promo_Shot

Features and Benefits:

• Enicote II surface finish:
- Provides a RoHS compliant finish on all external components
- Thoroughly tested to confirm product performance
- Improved corrosion protection
• Copper Free Design
• Bio-degradable hydraulic fluids
• ISO quality standards result in reliable, long-life operation

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