Compact Automation

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Gate Valve Actuators - through 24" bore


Valve Actuator markets are typically:
• Oil & Gas
• Power Gen
• Pulp and Paper
• Water

Aluminum Components - 2-1/2" through 12" Bore
The end plates and piston are made from high strength Aluminum.
Combined with an Aluminum or composite cylinder tube the ITT GV actuators are over 50% lighter than actuators
constructed from steel components. The end plates are
black hard coat anodized for high corrosion
and abrasion resistance.

End plates with rounded corners
All end plates have rounded versus sharp corners
to minimize the potential for injury when handling the actuator.

Wear Band Piston
Piston includes a wear band to support the weight of the piston
and rod assembly as well as to handle side loading.
The wear band also serves to prevent the over compression
of the piston seal and practically eliminates compression set
of the piston seal during long idle periods.

Bright Zinc Coated Tie Rods


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