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"Tradition, Precision, Innovation"
These three key words describe our company's mission. A family business for three generations, we can look back on 75 years of experience proudly.

At the time of the company's founding by Karl Neugart in 1928, the production of precise mechanical gear cutting parts already held a central position in the mechanical fabrication established by the watch and clock industry of the Black Forest.

Beginning in the sixties, Neugart began successfully producing small gears. From there, the first customized planetary gears for step motors were developed in 1975. In 1989, the development and launching of low-backlash planetary gears for modern AC servomotors enabled today's great range of driving and gearing solutions.

Future-Oriented Gear Technology
Progressive development and manufacturing techniques, as well as the service of world-wide operating agencies, are key components of our ability to satisfy complex customer requirements at highest quality.

Our engineering expertise, enables us to develop highly integrated precision gears. We are problem solvers for special applications within the automation field supplying custom geared solutions.

Our precision gears are used in all areas of automation and motion control as a reliable mechanical extension of state of the art servo and stepper motors. Machineries frequently using our reliable products are machine tools, packaging-printing textile- machines, robots etc.

Our high precision gear manufacturing technique, such as precision grinding and honing, assures the highest quality level of the gears resulting in extremely smooth running, high load ability, low noise, exceptional reliability, and hence, a very high user value.

Available in: Alabama, N.W. Florida and Mississippi

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