Custom Power Units

E-Motor Custom Power Units

Systems-Custom-E-HP_1sm Systems-Custom-E-HP_2sm

The majority of our HPUs are driven by electric motors ranging from fractional to hundreds of horsepower. The above image shows a 375 HP HPU to operate a large Cotton Gin Press. The combined flow is 226 gallons per minute out of a 1,600 gallon reservoir.

We not only provide the design and manufacture of the Fluid Power circuit, but the associated Controls as well. This is the preferred option, since it allows us to test the complete system and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership for our Customers. The above is a 500 HP HPU that powers a test system.

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Diesel Custom Power Units

Systems-Custom-Diesel-HP_1sm Systems-Custom-Diesel-HP_2sm

Not all locations where our Customers need to operate our equipment have an electrical outlet! Some of our units even end up in hazardous or environmentally tough conditions. If needed, we can provide Stainless Steel Systems with a three (3) layer epoxy paint. The above shows a 180 HP air-cooled Diesel Engine driven HPU operating in Saudi Arabia.

Womack Systems has access to all major Diesel Engine suppliers like John Deere, Deutz, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar and others. The above shows a 100 HP HPU used for land-based drilling rigs.

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