Portable Hydraulic Filter/Transfer Carts

Tired of always sending in your hydraulic pumps and motors for repair? Protect your investments from contamination with this easy-to-use offline Portable Hydraulic Filter/Transfer Cart.

Because our Customers want to save time and money, one of the products that we manufacture and stock right here at Womack Machine Supply is this Portable Hydraulic Filter/Transfer Cart. Our carts are built to withstand the rigors of shop use and include the following benefits:

  • A portable unit that can transfer hydraulic fluid from one container into another. A selector valve on the unit allows for you to pump oil through a Hydac hydraulic filter, or bypass the filter for oil disposal.
  • A portable off-line filtration system that includes a dual Hydac Absolute Ratio 10 micron with extended length elements and a clogging indicator. Optional 3 & 5 micron elements, or a water removal element (up to .25 qts) are also available.
  • A system that includes a 1-1/2 HP, 110 volt single phase motor with a 20' cord for convenience of plugging in the unit close to where you are working.
  • A reliable 10 GPM hydraulic self-priming pump to move the oil where you need it using the two 10' long suction and delivery hoses.
  • Operating ranges: Temperature from 50-140 F. Pressure to 90 PSI. Viscosity of 100-1000 SUS.

Need extra help? Check with our Field Service Department about bringing a filter cart out with them to help get you back up and running.

Filter Cart Rentals are also available!

Contact us today to order yours!

FOB West Jordan, Utah

Net Weight: 150 lbs

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