If you need a source to manufacture a hydraulic, pneumatic or automation system we have a team of engineers that can turn your concept into a design. Then our highly skilled technicians can turn that design into your machine. We specialize in hydraulic power units, high pressure test systems and control panels (electronic, hydraulic, and pneumatic) but we're very open minded so feel free to share your ideas with us on what we can manufacture for you.

High Pressure Systems

For valve, tool, or vessel pressure testing we offer both standard and purpose built systems that boost 100 psi compressed air or bottled gas up to 39,000 psi gas or 100,000 psi liquid. We offer options such as automatic pressure control, chart recorders, accumulators, roll cages or whatever is needed to satisfy your testing requirements.

Test Stands

If the product you manufacture needs to be tested we can help. Some examples of test stands we've built are for generator systems, gearboxes, valves, cylinders, pumps, motors, sealed shipping containers, structural steel weldments, fiberglass tubes, hoses, cable assemblies, and wiring harnesses.

Standard Hydraulic Power Units

We offer three series of cataloged power units based on vertical, flat top and L-shaped reservoirs up to 65 GPM and 100 HP. Options include heat exchangers, oil heaters, and D03 and D05 valve manifolds. These units are pre-engineered for quicker delivery based on common components.

View more detailed information on Standard Flat Top Hydraulic Power Units.

View more detailed information on Standard Vertical Hydraulic Power Units.

Portable Hydraulic Filter/Transfer Carts

Tired of always sending in your hydraulic pumps and motors for repair? Protect your investments from contamination with this easy-to-use offline Portable Hydraulic Filter/Transfer Cart.

View more detailed information on Portable Hydraulic Filter/Transfer Carts.

Other Power Units

In addition to our standard power unit program we supply hydraulic power units of all sizes, shapes, purposes and configurations. We can accommodate any horsepower, flow requirement, valve stand, manifold, paint specification, third party certification, and circuit as required by the project.

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