Plug-in Manifold Systems

CA44 Series CA44 valves are two station valve manifolds for AS-i serial link (bus) applications, complying with AS-I specification V2.11 Rev. 1.
  • Manifold choices include: with or without digital inputs, and with or without auxiliary power.
  • Valve stations can be 4-way, 2 position valves, or dual 3-way, 2 position valves, or a blanking plate.
  • Plug-in valve design simultaneously makes both the electrical and pneumatic connections when plugging the valve into place - eliminating the need to disturb electrical wiring connections.
  • Valve flow is 0.2 Cv (200 l/min).
  • Pressure range: 29 to 116 psi (2.0 to 8 bar).
  • Rated voltage 24VDC.
  • Electrical protection rating of IP 67 (NEMA 6) when assembled
  • The manifolds come with integrated push-in fittings for plastic tubing in either metric or inch sizes.
  • Internet configurator available for designing your own valve manifold and download CAD drawings. Note: when ordering a configured manifold, order the coupling module for AS-i cable separately.

Need help selecting a valve?
Download Valve Features Chart to help with valve selection.