In-line Valves

579 589

General Information

Takes modularity to a new level - The AVENTICS Series 579 and 589 valves can be combined without tools by means of an ingenious dovetail design, or used as single, in-line valves. Available in 3/2 and 5/2 functions with solenoid or air pilot operators, the design types can be combined onto the same manifold easily. The light weight, yet durable, polymer construction results in a space-saving valve system with high flow rates (up to 0.85 Cv). The poppet valve design offers few wearing parts and delivers short response times—all at a low cost!

Modularity, on-line configurator

The dovetail design allows combining valves of different types, like 3/2 or 5/2, easily—without tools. Our on-line configurator allows you to design your own custom, factory-assembled manifold with inch or metric ports - without worrying about mistakes, and receive a part number immediately.

Mounting flexibility

Mount using DIN rail, integral side mount or self tapping screw in bottom of valve. Snap-on coils can be reversed 180º.

Silencer options

Polymer silencer clips onto valve housing. Sintered bronze silencers available for pilot exhaust.

Environmentally friendly

Plug-in modules allow the piping away of manifold exhaust, or use a silencer.

Additional air connection

Optional module allows a second compressed air supply port for high air consumption applications or to supply from the opposite side. Multiple pressures can be fed into the valve manifold.

Electrical flexibility

Contact bridges are available for bus control options, or use lighted or non-lighted connectors.
Lengthy features list:

  • Light weight, space-saving, polymer design, inherent corrosion resistance
  • High flow, up to 0.85 Cv
  • Maintenance free, poppet design
  • Short response times
  • Common dovetail connection for combining valves and accessories
  • Convenient, integrated push-in air line tube connections in 1/4”, 5/16” (8mm) and 6mm — saves cost of fittings
  • Use with or without air line lubrication
  • Low power consumption
  • Solenoid operators in a variety of voltages (110VAC, 24VDC,etc.) or air pilot
  • 3/2 and 5/2 configurations
  • Contact bridges for bus control
  • Economically priced
  • Wide variety of accessories
  • On-line configurator for designing valve manifolds
  • U.L. recognized coil
  • Series 589 version can be used with vacuum applications, and allows exhaust to be throttled

Need help selecting a valve?

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