ER1 and ER2
Electronic Regulators

Wilkerson's electropneumatic series products consist of the ER1, the ER2, and the EPV. The ER1/ER2 are an integrated pressure controller and booster capable of delivering accurate pneumatic pressures over a wide range of flow conditions. The EPV is a stand-alone highly accurate pressure controller. This integral system of two control valves and a feedback transducer provides highly accurate and repeatable closed-loop control through instantaneous pressure adjustment.

The ER1 and ER2 utilize the same convenient modular connection method as Wilkerson's innovative 18/28 FRL system. An optional on-board LCD panel that reads true P2 pressure for either the ER1/ER2 or EPV units in either PSI or bar is also available.

View the Wilkerson ER1 and ER2 Electronic Regulators product sheet.

Available in: Alabama, N.W. Florida, Louisiana, Montana, Oklahoma and Texas