Quick Ship Products Focused Delivery Program


Quick Ship ED02 and ED05 Proportional Regulators

Direct acting poppet style, electro-pneumatic (E/P) pressure control valves with closed loop control. Use to change output pressure or force proportional with an electrical input. Compact ED02 version is only 30mm wide. Also in the Quick Ship program is the higher flow ED05 model.

Product features:

  • Single M12 connection for power and input
  • 0 to 10 VDC or 4 – 20 mA input control
  • +/- 20% supply voltage variance (24 VDC)
  • Multiple mounting holes
  • Works well in either harsh or clean environments
  • See catalog for performance data
  • Accessories: M12 electrical connector, tie rod kits for ED02

Model Codes and Descriptions for Quick Ship Program:

  • Series: ED
  • Type:
    • ED02 = 3.5 SCFM
    • ED05 = 35.3 SCFM
  • Minimum pressure output: 000 = 0 bar, 0 psi
  • Maximum pressure output: 000 = 10 bar, 145 psi
  • Nominal input/output values:
    • 010 = 0-10 VDC
    • 420 = 4-20 mA
  • Connection: 1M12A = M12, 5 pin
  • Model Code Example: ED02-000-100-010-1M12A

Notes: Not all ED02 and ED05 valves are on Quick Ship, see table below for complete list of part numbers included.

ED02 and ED05 Proportional Regulators

Part Number Description Max.Order Qty. Shipment (Days)
R414002413  ED02-000-100-010-1M12A : 0-10bar, 0-10VDC w/1xM12 connector 
R414002411  ED02-000-100-420-1M12A : 0-10bar, 4-20mA w/1xM12 connector 
R414002403  ED02-000-060-010-1M12A : 0-6bar, 0-10VDC w/ 1xM12 connector 
R414002583  Din rail mounting kit for ED02 
R414002580  Tie rod kit and o-rings for (3) ED02's 
R414002009  ED05-000-100-010-1M12A : 0-10bar, 0-10VDC w/1xM12 connector 
R414002008  ED05-000-100-420-1M12A : 0-10bar, 4-20mA w/1xM12 connector  1
R419800109  Connection cable for ED02 & ED05, 8.2 Ft, 2.5 m 
R419800110  Connection cable for ED02 & ED05, 15 Ft, 5.0m