Series J

Walvoil _Handle _J

Small size handle, with or without microswitch, expressly developed to be coupled with SVM100, SP10, SP30 pilot control valves.



Series 10

Walvoil _Handle _10

Ergonomic handle made by charged nylon. It can be equipped with one or two top rocker switches. Push‑buttons are protected with rubber cap.



Series V

Walvoil _Handle _V

Monolithic ergonomic handle with soft rubber coating. Available with rocker switches or push‑buttons on the top or on the front.



Series H

Walvoil _Handle _H

Multi‑micro handle, up to max 6 push‑buttons on the top and 2 on the front, with or without "dead man" switch. Proportional rocker switch option available.



Series P

Walvoil _Handle _P

Expressly developed for the applications which need double proportional control. The handle can be supplied with push‑buttons, rocker switches, potentiometers, with or without "dead man" switch.



Series S

Walvoil _Handle _S

Ergonomic rubber coating handle. It's particularly suitable for heavy duty applications due to its robust construction, reliability and weather resistance. Proportional rocker switch option available.




Walvoil _Handle _Handlevers

Complete series of handlevers to satisfy all Walvoil directional valve range. They are available with several shapes and lengths, with or without microswitches.