Model 4 WS2EM

Size 6         4600 PSI         5.28 GPM

Rexroth_Spool Type_WS2EM
  • Hysteresis ≤1.5%
  • Sensitivity ≤0.2%
  • Frequency response >150 Hz
  • Industrial ruby-on feedback spring for a long wear free service life
  • Mounts on standard D03 Subplate
  • Can be used with linear or rotary feedback devices
Rexroth_Electro Hyd Dir Servo Valve_4WS2EM


General Description
Valve Model 4 WS2EM 6 is an electrically operated 2-stage servo valve. The valve is usually used for closed loop control of position, force, and velocity. Servo valves offer very high response times, for use when a proportional valve response time is inadequate. Control is achieved by the appropriate amplifier card. For more information, refer to Bosch Rexroth Data Sheet RA 29 563.