Pilot Operated, Model 4WEH
Externally Piloted, Model 4WH

Size 10 to 32          5100 PSI          290 GPM

  • Solenoid pilot operated directional valves (4WEH)
  • Hydraulic pilot operated directional valves (4WH)
  • Mounts on standard D05, D07, D08, or D10 interfaces
  • Wet pin AC or DC solenoids as required
  • Manual overrides optional
  • Individual solenoid plug-in connectors or central wiring box to NEMA 4 specs

Rexroth_Dir Control Valve_4WEH16

4WEH Size 16


General Description
Directional control valves, Model 4WEH, are solenoid pilot operated spool type valves. They control the start, stop and direction of fluid flow in a hydraulic circuit. Over 50 spool types are available. A wide range of operating voltages and dual frequency solenoid coils are available. Five flow sizes are available along with optional meter-in or meter-out pilot choke, optional stroke limiter for main spool (size 10), and optional mechanical or inductive limit switches on main spool position. Standard valves are 4100 PSI. By adding "H" in front of a part number, 5100 PSI can be achieved. Optional sandwich valves are available for mounting between pilot valve and main stage for control of pilot spool speed and limiting pilot pressure. Inserts are available to provide pilot pressure on open center valves. These valves are available with cover plate instead of solenoid operator for remotely shifting main spool by hydraulic pressure. Valves are set up for external piloting and external draining. They can be modified in the field for internal or external piloting or draining by the insertion or removal of plugs in the main body.

View the Bosch Rexroth 4WEH & 4WH Directional Control Valves Data Sheet (RE 24751).