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Pressure and Flow Control Valves


Pressure and Flow Control Valves
Pressures to 5000 psi • Flows to 400 GPM

SUN Hydraulics manufactures a complete line of directional, pressure and flow control valves for 5000 PSI pressure rating and up to 400 GPM flow rating.

The SUN Hydraulics product line consists of five frame sizes of screw-in cartridges with flow capacities doubling from one frame size to the next larger frame size.

All cartridges are manufactured from carbon steel with the external surfaces zinc plated. Sun also offers selected models with stainless steel/titanium bodies and adjustments. The line and sandwich mount bodies are available in a choice of aluminum or ductile iron. Aluminum bodies are rated to 3000 PSI and ductile iron bodies are rated to 5000 PSI.

The line mount bodies are available with SAE O-ring boss, NPTF, code 61 and code 62 flanges, as well as direct mounting configurations for motors and cylinders. The sandwich mount bodies are available in many circuit variations for D02, D03, D05, D05H*, D07 and D08 valve mounting interfaces.
*NOTE: For D05H applications, please specify directional valve manufacturer.

Relief Valves
SUN Relief Valves are pilot operated with leakproof screw adjustments. The adjustment range is 100 to 3000 PSI.

Relief Valves with Vent Port
Pilot operated relief valves with vent (remote control) port. Leakproof screw adjustments. The adjustment range is 100 to 3000 PSI. Packages are available for solenoid venting of these valves. Contact your nearest Womack office for these applications.

Pressure Reducing Valves
These valves are pilot operated, spool type valves. The listed valves have an adjustment range of 100 to 3000 PSI.

Sequence Valves
Internally piloted, externally drained pressure control valves for sequencing of actuators. The valves shown have an adjustment range of 100 to 3000 PSI for those models shown below.

Counterbalance Valves
These are load control valves with 3 pilot assist ratios available and 5 drops per minute maximum leakage at reseat. The cartridges have an integral check valve for free reverse flow and should be set at 1.3 times maximum load pressure for control.

Pilot to Open Check Valves
These valves are rated to 5000 PSI with a steel seat with a maximum leakage of 1 drop per minute. The pilot ratio is 3:1 and the cracking pressure is 30 PSI.

Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valves
These valves are fully adjustable flow control valves with a reverse free flow check valve. A balanced needle allows easy adjustments at all pressures.

Flow Control Valves
These valves are non-compensated, sharp edged orifice valves which include a 30 psi reverse free flow check valve. The flow ratings for the valves listed are for 100 PSI pressure drop and fully open.

Flow Divider/Combiner
Closed center flow divider/combiner used to control two or more hydraulic cylinders or motors where bi-directional operation is required.
The accuracy of the flow division and combination is 50% ±2.5% at maximum flow and 50% ±4.5% at minimum flow. Please check with your nearest Womack office for information on other available specialized divider cartridges.

Check Valves (30 PSI Spring)

Pilot to Close Check Valves

(1.8:1 Ratio)

Specialty Products and Packages

SUN Hydraulics offers several specialty cartridges and valve packages for hydraulic control problems. A few of these are listed below.

Air Piloted Pressure Controls

Shop air pressure through a pressure regulator can be used for remotely
adjusting the hydraulic setting of relief, reducing, and by-pass valves. Available in cartridges for up to 40 GPM flow. These are limited to hydraulic pressures of 2000 or 3000 PSI using shop air pressure.

Flow Fuses
Used to prevent a loaded cylinder from falling if a hose breaks. They shut off or restrict discharge flow from a cylinder if a hose should break. Flow setting must be specified on purchase order and will be set at the factory. Setting should be between 25 and 50% higher than normal maximum flow. Available in capacities up to 50 GPM and for hydraulic circuits up to 5000 PSI.

Air Bleed and Start-up Valves
These valves allow the pump to come up to speed under light load and purge the system of air. For flows from 4 GPM to 50 GPM.

Accumulator Dump Valves
For circuit safety. Bleeds the charged oil off of an accumulator when the pump is shut off.

Pump Unloading Valves
For unloading pump after charging accumulator.

Gauge Snubber Valves
Precise and effective throttling and shutoff device to isolate and protect hydraulic gauges.

Gauge Line Fuse
This device prevents loss of oil from a system if the line to a pressure switch or gauge should break.

Regenerative Circuits
Regenerative packages include three valving elements - by-pass and two check valves. This is the nucleus for a nonelectrical regenerative circuit in which a cylinder can advance faster (when unloaded) than it can from pump oil alone. At the adjusted setting of the by-pass valve, the circuit goes out of regeneration and into full tonnage. Models available for 3000 PSI and up to 120 GPM flow.

Two-pump Unloading Valves
This is a valve package for high-low pump operation. Package includes adjustable relief valve, by-pass valve, and isolation check valve. For circuits of 3000 PSI and up to 40 to 50 GPM for high volume, low pressure pump.

Rectifier Packages
Especially useful for closed loop circuits for bleeding off a limited flow for cooling and filtering.

Pump Circuit Manifolds
Complete packages which incorporate
an adjustable system relief valve, an air bleed and start-up valve (for purging and soft initial loading of pump), and a load check. The manifolds bolt directly to the top of reservoirs designed to receive them, with all return connections discharging directly into the tank.

Swing Circuit
A special package for swing and indexing drives. Package contains dual counterbalance valves for overrunning load protection and a brake release shuttle valve.

Shuttle Cartridges
These cartridges always sense the higher pressure side of a hydraulic loop to deliver a load sensing signal or a pressure source for hydraulically releasing a spring applied brake. There are two versions. First, a single free-ball shuttle for single circuit sensing and second, back-to-back checks for sensing from several different input sources. Back-to-back checks prevent high pressure signals from being fed back into the other elements in the circuit.

Solenoid Cartridges
Sun solenoid cartridges are offered in full flow or pilot flow versions. Full flow versions are available in 2-way, 3-way and 4-way functions and pilot cartridges are available in 2-way and 3-way functions. Full flow cartridge feature industrial grade solenoids and pilot cartridge solenoids are rated for high pressure, no leakage operation.

Electro-Proportional Cartridge Valves
Sun offers a variety of electro-proportionally controlled products, comprised of both direct acting and pilot operated versions. The direct acting versions consist of proportional flow control, reducing/relieving and the T-8A pilot stage relief models. This pilot stage relief can be directly integrated into a wide variety of main stage elements to form the basis of the pilot operated relief and reducing product families.

Soft Start Relief Valves
Soft Start pressure relief valves provide a smooth pressure build up following a ramp (ramp time 150-400 ms depending on type of valve). These Sun valves avoid rapid pressure changes and can also be supplied as ventable relief valves where longer ramp time and lower thresholds are required.

Custom Engineered Valvepaks
Special packages can be developed to suit specific requirements for size, porting and circuitry.

Available in: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas

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