Insert Type

From the compact controls product line Rexroth also offers a wide range of insert type cartridge valves. Among them, the VMA valves family represent an interesting solution since they combine in one small insert cartridge the typical function of a direct acting relief valve and the anticavitation function through the check valve.

Thanks to the very limited size they are very suited for use in pumps, directional control valves as well as integrated circuits.

Various configurations in order to get different functions are available in the VMA family:

  • Pressure relief and anticavitation function - fixed setting
  • Pressure relief (without anticavitation) - fixed setting
  • Anticavitation function only
  • Pressure relief and anticavitation - adjustable setting

The insert type cartridge line also includes a variety of check valves, pressure compensated flow controls and hose burst valves.

Pressure relief valves Max Flow (l/min) Max pressure (bar)
VMA1.025 30 210
VMA1.050 60 380
VMA1.060 75 380
VMA1.080 90 400
VMA1.180 180 400


Pressure compensated,
flow control valves
Max Flow (l/min) Max pressure (bar)
SFC1 45 210
VCD1 150 315


Check valves Max Flow (l/min) Max pressure (bar)
VUH1 80 350
VUB1 80 350


Hose burst check valves Max Flow (l/min) Max pressure (bar)
VPN1 150 315