HAWE radial-piston pumps offer you a wide range of displacements with pressures up to 10,150 psi. Add-on capabilities for high-low circuits and complete power units with valve and accessory packages are also available.


The radial piston pumps consist of radially arranged, valve controlled pump cylinders. Higher delivery flows can be created by stacking of up to 6 radials on a common shaft. The pump is usually driven by an electric motor, which is connected with the pump by means of a bell housing and a coupling. The closed pump housing permits "in tank" installation (hydraulic power pack) as well as the common external pump/motor installation (pump with motor). The possibility of a radial piston pump with several pressure outlets (several equal or differing delivery flows) is particularly innovative. Type RG utilizes slide bearings and is intended for extreme application conditions to increase the service life. Complete hydraulic control systems can be created by directly mounting various connection blocks and valve banks to the cover plate of the hydraulic power pack.

Features and benefits:

  • High efficiency
  • Compact
  • Max. 14 indiv. pressure ports
  • Available as hydraulic power pack with valve banks created from a modular product range