Available in multiple piston variations, Bosch Rexroth fixed displacement radial piston pumps offer high pressure capability, in excess of 9,000 psi/600 bar. Single bank piston arrangements are possible for (3) and (5) pistons models, while a "double bank" version incorporates (10) pistons. Outlet ports for the radial piston pumps can be combined or individual, permitting greater flexibility in separating functions from a single pump source. Displacements begin at 1.5 cc/rev with 14 models spanning displacement up to 19.4 cc/rev. The fixed displacement radial piston pump from Bosch Rexroth provides the perfect solution for applications where high pressure is the criteria.


Model R4 Radial Piston Pump
Fixed Displacement operation

Key features:

  • Sizes 0.4 to 2.0
  • Radial piston pump with 3 pistons
  • Very compact build, hence installation-friendly dimensions
  • 5 sizes

Download the Bosch Rexroth R4 Radial Piston Pump Data Sheet


Model PR4 Radial Piston Pump
Fixed Displacement operation

Key features:

  • Sizes 1.6 to 20.0
  • Radial piston pump with 3, 5 or 10 pistons
  • Self-aspirating, valve-controlled
  • Long bearing life due to hydro-dynamically lubricated plain bearings
  • Several pressure ports with various cylinder combinations possible
  • Optional combination with fixed and variable displacement vane and axial piston pumps
  • 14 sizes, favorable gradation for optimum matching to the application at hand

Download the Bosch Rexroth Fixed Displacement PR4 Radial Piston Pump Data Sheet