• Patented Technology

• On/Off Energy Savings

• Rapid response time

• Standard pumping components (16-41cc, others available upon request)

• Standard clutch components (140 Nm torque transfer, others available in request

• Fully integrated modular design (high power density)

• Fail safe integrated actuation options

• Spring applied / hydraulic released

• Hydraulic applied / spring released

• Actuation pressure to suit application (4-45 bar)

• No Maintenance, no exchange of wear and tear parts. Designed for life.

DCC Benefits

• Power on demand (De-coupling)

• Reduced environmental noise emission

• Parasitic power reduction results in fuel efficiency gains and power savings

• Extended hydraulic pump life (intermittent vs. continual operation)

• Improved durability of system components

• Provides for quicker starts with lower cranking power

• Unused power can be re-directed to other work functions

• Payback analysis can be very short and highly dependent upon application duty cycle


Market Application Examples and Consideration

Target applications with intermittent duty cycle and high roading applications

Cost, performance, durability

FERRA series cast iron products to include F12, F15, F20/30

Applications in Agriculture, Construction, Truck and Bus, Energy, Industrial Machines

Applications under consideration and customer review

- Agriculture ground drive auxiliary steering

- Truck PTOs

- Under hood PTOs

- Utility trucks (i.e., buckets, cherry pickers)

- Construction (de-couple axial piston units)

- Construction ground drive systems

- Pavers aux functions

- Ag combine aux functions

- General utility functions

The applications can be numerous….How can WE help YOU?