Optical Signal Devices

Permanent Beacons

Permanent -beacons 


With the assistance of a permanent light or an LED permanent light the operator is made
aware of a specific condition or is instructed to carry out a certain course of action.
WERMA provides free standing beacons with conventional bulbs as well as with long-life
LED technology.


Flashing Beacons



The deployment of a flashing or blinking signal can generate even more attention than
a permanent light. WERMA also provides an alternative long life LED Flash which has a
significantly longer life duration of up to 50,000 hours with a considerably reduced power
The stochastic, random flickering light EVS (Enhanced Visibility System) has been
developed by WERMA on a neurobiological basis. As deployed in LED Beacons, this
technology succeeds in generating an optimal attention level never previously reached
by existing signal devices.
WERMA employs LEDs for its EVS system. A microprocessor triggers random light signals,
which make the light appear extremely "agitated", thus generating a continuously high
attention level amongst those in the vicinity - even when viewed out the corner of the eye.


Rotating Beacons



Inside each rotating mirror beacon is a halogen bulb, and a mirror to deflect the
light in one direction. This generates a rotating light beam.
In contrast to conventional Rotating Mirror Beacons, the LED version generates
the rotating signal by means of a set of LEDs which are triggered in sequence.
As no mechanical components have been used at all, the beacon is completely